Online Counseling for Anxiety & Depression

You life is stressful and demanding. The long hours and the hard work aren’t seeming to pay off because the constant demands are making it so you don’t do your best work. Your family and loved ones suffer because you are tired. You know that this has been building for a while, but you aren’t sure when it got this bad. You are finding yourself constantly worried and even panicked on a daily basis. This is anxiety. Some things you may be happening are:

  • Continuous and Constant Worry
  • Feeling Defeated and Even On Edge
  • Defensive
  • Like You Don’t Have Fun Anymore
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Decreased Sleep
  • Avoidance and Procrastination
  • Anger
  • Sadness and Depression
  • Guilt

You Can Get Through This, You Aren’t Alone

Start today with Anxiety Therapy with me, Emily Hawkins, LCSW, BC-TMH. I truly enjoy helping professionals just like you to get their lives back on track. Like you, I am a professional and have been in situations that feel hopeless and out of control. I was able to take charge and now I help others do the same.

How I Will Help

  • You Will Learn How To Find Balance And Not Let Home Impact Work and Vise Versa
  • You Will Learn how to take control of worry and anxiety.
  • You Will Feel in Charge
  • You Will Remain Calm, Even in High Anxiety Situations
  • You Can Work With Others on Offense Instead of Defense
  • You Will Learn (or Re-Learn) Have Fun and Find Joy in Work and At Home
  • You Will Find Motivation
  • You Will Sleep Better
  • You Will Be Able to Face Things Head-On So You Don’t Have to Worry Later
  • You Will Learn To Control Your Anger at Work and At Home
  • You Will Manage Issues with Sadness and Depression
  • You Will Be Able to Let Go of the Guilt

Stress and Anxiety Happen, But They Don’t Have To Take Over. Get Started With Taking Control of Your Stress, Anxiety & Life. Waiting Longer Means More Pain. You Don’t Have To Suffer.

Or Call/Text (912) 417-5085. If No One Answers, Leave a Message and Your Call Will Be Returned Within 24 Hours

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