Couples Therapy

Relationship Therapy

Every Couple/Relationship goes through changes and an evolution as the parties get older, make life changes, and have different situations arise.

Ideally, the couple will have the ability to get through the challenges that they will inevitably face.  Unfortunately, sometimes couples need more guidance and assistance because they are stuck or are unable to move forward  That's where Couples Therapy can help.

If you found your way to this page, odds are you think that you may benefit from couples counseling.  It can be difficult to make this decision for both you and your partner.  However, if you are experiencing the following you can most likely benefit from couples Therapy:

  • Unsolvable Problem(s)/Conflict
  • Dealing with Infidelity
  • Addiction (Including video game and sexual)
  • Mismatched Parenting Styles
  • Poor Extended Family Boundaries
  • Difficulty/Negative Communication Patterns
  • Loss Of Attraction/Passion
  • Deciding Whether To End The Relationship
  • Loss of Connection

Couples Therapy can help partners:

  • Lean to get through and manage reoccurring conflicts
  • Work through issues of infidelity and move forward together.
  • Work through anger and resentment to navigate addictive behaviors
  • Get on the same parenting page
  • Learn better and more effective ways to communicate
  • Reignite the passion and romance in the relationship
  • Make the definitive decision whether to stay in the relationship.
  • Reestablish connection and intimacy.

Don't Wait To Get Help. Waiting Can Prolong Suffering and Make Things Worse.

If you are experiencing any ongoing issues that have led you to consider getting couples therapy, it is very important that you act sooner rather than later.  The longer you allow problems to continue, more often than not, the more severe and complicated they become.  The more complicated and severe problems become, the more difficult they are to resolve.  The earlier you start, the sooner you can finish and your relationship can move forward.  Get Started Today with convenient online couples therapy.

How Is Couples Therapy Different than Individual Or Family Therapy?

The focus on couples therapy is the relationship.  The relationship is seen as the client.  Many people fear coming to couples therapy because of concern that the therapist will take the side of their partner and they will have to give up a part of themselves.  In individual therapy, the client is the individual.  In couples therapy, the clients are seen as individuals, but within the context of the relationship with their partner.

The End of Relationships

In a perfect world, all relationships can be repaired and partners would be able to support each other through challenging times.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world; far from it in fact.

It is never easy to decide to end a relationship.  But sometimes ending a toxic or chaotic relationship may be the best thing for everyone involved.  Counseling can be a valuable resource in making the decision. Regardless of how bad a relationship may be, there are always feelings of guilt, instability, anger, and sadness.

I have helped far more many couples save their relationship than have decided to end the relationship.  However, in my career I have learned that there is a need for counseling to help people through an extremely challenging time in their lives.  People that decide to end relationships need help too.

If you are having difficulty deciding, or if you find yourself in a cyclone of relationship ambiguity, DO NOT WAIT TO GET HELP.  Waiting will only prolong the pain and suffering that you and/or your partner will experience.  People wait months, years and decades to get help and wish they would have reached out sooner.


Emily Hawkins, LCSW, BC-TMH

I have helped numerous couples and individuals work through challenging and difficult romantic relationships.

I know first hand that relationships take a lot of work.  They often take more work than any aspect of our lives.

If you are struggling in your partnership, it is vitally important that you get help.  Waiting will only prolong suffering and confusion.

I provide caring, compassionate, and objective relationship counseling.  I use an eclectic approach that best fits the relationship.  Some modalities from which I draw include Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

You deserve to be happy in your relationship.  Get Started today by setting up a free no-obligation phone consultation.


"We were in a really bad place.  We didn't understand how each other's behavior impacted the other and our kids.  After therapy, we can actually talk things through and move forward on our own.  I am so grateful.

— Robby L.
Seneca, SC

"Doing this literally saved my marriage.  I am so grateful that I gave it a chance and am really happy now."

— Terra C.
Chesterfield, SC

"I realized that I was in my relationship for the wrong reasons.  I was sacrificing everything about myself for someone else that wasn't even happy with me.  I am glad that I sought help and didn't lose any more time."

— Laura G.
Vidalia, GA.
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