Therapy For Individuals

Anxiety, depression, trauma, and other life challenges rob us from the joy that we are supposed to experience in life.  Individual Counseling can help you to learn the skills to manage the challenges that are preventing you from living a joyful life.  You don’t have to suffer anymore. 

I view counseling as a partnership between the therapist (me) and the client (you).  I provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and supportive environment built on a foundation of trust.  I provide an individualized approach based on a number of counseling theories to meet your specific needs.  I offer online counseling to ensure that you are comfortable with the setting and the time.  I offer nontraditional hours on the evening and weekend. 

I want to give people who are unsure the opportunity to connect with me.  I offer a free no-obligation fifteen (15) minute consultation to allow you to ask any questions or express any concerns.  Take the first step and schedule a consultation, you have nothing to lose (except the stress and worry that you have been experiencing).  Call Today!

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