Special Needs Parents

Parenting in general is tough. Parenting a child with special needs can almost seem impossible. Parents of these children need support, but it is rarely sought. Devotion is to being the best for their child. However, if you aren’t in a good place, you won’t be the best for your child.

If You

  • Find yourself completely drained
  • Feel like things are never going to get easier
  • Feel like you have done the very best you can for your child, but nothing seems to help
  • Feel a sense of pain and loss because this situation is completely different from how you envisioned being a parent
  • Find yourself “on edge” and irritable most of the time,
  • Feel anxious, overwhelmed and hopeless about the day to day challenges

I can help.

As the sister to a brother with autism, I know what it is like to have a family in turmoil. As someone that has worked in crisis services for people with Intellectual Disabilities I have laughed and cried with families. My Services Can Help You:

  • Find ways to manage the day to day
  • Learn skills to deal with worry, sadness, and frustration that have now become a daily occurrence
  • Find the resources the resources to help your family and child
  • Learn skills to avoid “snapping” at those close to you.
  • Be the best advocate that you can be for your child

I am passionate about helping families because without the help my family and my brother received, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

I understand that days and nights are filled with you doing what’s best for your child. I offer non-traditional hours and weekend appointments to make sure you can get the help you need.


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