Therapy for Busy Mommas

Because Mommas Have A Lot Of **** To Deal With

And It Helps To Have Someone To Help You Through It...

Not Your Typical Therapy

What's Offered?

  • Weekly Online Therapy Sessions that are Goal-Focused
  • Thorough Assessment
  • Individualized Approach Based In Interventions from CBT, DBT, and ACT.
  • Individualized Coping Kit (Included with Session Rates - (Usually Formed After 2nd Session) Examples Below



Everyone Knows That Moms Are Stressed, But People Keep Piling **** On

Everyone Says They Appreciate Everything You Do.....

But, Do they really?

I mean, if they did, wouldn’t your husband pick up his ****ing shirts off the floor (after you’ve asked him 3000 times).

Maybe you could even get like 1/2 the time that your husband does to use the bathroom. Because you can't be on the can for 30 seconds before someone is knocking at the door "needing" you.

Wouldn’t your kids love, respect, and admire you? Instead of bombarding you with questions like “what’s for dinner?”5 seconds after you walked into the door.

At work, would Richard “Dick” actually give you the credit you deserved instead of presenting it as his idea?

Sometimes, it seems like they don't appreciate the cost..

Accomplishing everything that you accomplish in a day is nothing short of amazing.

Unfortunately, being so amazing has a cost.  That cost comes in the form of

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Guilt
  • Ice-Cream Binges
  • Frustration
  • Sadness
  • Depression
  • And a number of other things that result in you being super woman.

I just have one question.....

How Long Do You Think That You Can Go On Hiding All of Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Problems Without It Seeping Through To Everything Else?

If you came to this page, odds are you are you're feeling like something is right and you feel like you are having a harder time than usual with keeping **** together.

When Keeping Your **** Together Takes More Effort Than It Did Before, It May Be Time To Get Some Help..


Why Should I Get Help?

Because you deserve it.

But if that isn't enough, then consider this..... Consider how much your stress, anxiety, worry, sadness, depression, and everything else has impacted your ability to be the Mom, Wife, Woman, Employee that you want to be.... That You know you are capable of being.

Unfortunately, these things rarely get better on their own.  In fact, they usually deteriorate.  Sometimes it is slowly, other times something tips it over the edge.

Meet Your Therapist....

Emily Hawkins, LCSW, LISW-CP

Like You, I am a working Mom.  I have three (3) boys and have been married to my husband for... A while.

I understand what you are going through.  I understand how hard it is to get through those really tough days.  Depression sucks.  Anxiety sucks.  Getting depressed because you have so much anxiety sucks.

We are prone to that being Mom's.  Especially working Mom's.

Things are magnified by the fact that things like social media where everyone seems like the perfect wife and mother.

Trust Me.... You aren't alone in this.

It is so important to get the help that you need so you can be the best possible, wife, mother, and worker.

Still On The Fence? Have Questions? No Problem... I offer a FREE 20 Minute Phone Consultation So You Can Ask Questions And I Can Hear About What Is Going On With You...

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