About Emily

If you have ended up on this page/website, odds are that you have found yourself looking for help, or maybe even answers to what is happening. Getting through the day seems to be a struggle for you. It’s harder to do the things that used to be like “clockwork” before. You’re doing the best you can, but you have recognized that stuff isn’t getting better; in fact, it is getting worse.

Things Can and Will Get Better If You Get The Help You Need

I have dedicated my life to helping people just like you get out of Chaos Mode. As a Working Mom, I know what it is like to find a balance between career and raising children and keeping a marriage alive. As someone that has worked in administration for 15 years, I know what it is like to struggle with seemingly never ending workloads, high demands, low recognition, and limited resources.

I can help you sort though whatever issues you are facing; whether they be from your past, present, or even your future.

Here’s Will Happen Working With Me

  1. I Will Listen To Your Story. I want to hear the high and low points. You will help me to understand you and what you are going through.
  2. Together, we will figure out the problems, concerns, and issues. We will name them and figure out what caused all of this.
  3. You will learn the skills and “know-how” to feel better. I will be your coach and cheerleader to help you make these skills habits.
  4. We will work together to make adjustments in your environments (work, home, school, etc) to make life happier.

Waiting to Get Help Will Likely Make Things Worse. Start Now to Make Things Better Sooner. Get Started Today