Workplace And Leadership Counseling

If You Have Been Experiencing:

  • Stress Resulting From Work
  • Fatigued and Tired - Impacting Your Kids & Family
  • Frustration with Colleagues & Supervisors
  • Frustration with Responsibilities
  • Difficulty with Focus
  • Lack of Motivation and Drive
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Difficulty with Getting Along or Making Friends at Work.
  • Being Thrust Into An Environment Where You Didn't Have Enough or Any Training To Prepare You

Counseling With Me Can Help:

  • Learn to Manage Stress Resulting From Work
  • Learn Skills and Develop The Ability to Better Use Energy Resources
  • Learn To Communicate and Relate Better To Supervisors and Colleagues
  • Learn Skills To Manage Frustration and Not Allow It To Impact Your Work
  • Learn Skills To Better Focus
  • Become More Motivated and Productive
  • Learn Techniques and Tricks To Manage Workplace Bullies that is Catered to You and Your Environment.
  • Learn Skills to Get Along With, and Relate Better To Coworkers.
  • Learn How To Confidently Advocate For The Needs of Yourself and Coworkers

The Cost of Not Getting Help


Compared to relaxed peers, stressed out employees have higher health care costs.  According to recent studies, 90% of visits to the doctor's office can associated with stress.



60% of Employees say they have lost productivity due to stress.



69% of Employees said it was safer to remain silent about workplace stress.


54% of employees said that stress had caused them to fight with people close to them.

American Institute of Stress

How Counseling Has Helped at Work

Margie C. (Atlanta, GA) - Nurse: Learned skills to manage anxiety, stress, and trauma that resulted from her job in a busy Emergency Room.  Prior to receiving help, she was contemplating leaving the nursing profession.  

Elliot S. (Dallas, TX) - Accounting:  Referred to counseling due to increasing anger and frustration with colleagues at work.  Elliot learned what triggers him and strategies to manage anger and frustration.  Prior to receiving help, he was about to lose his job due to consistent outbursts.  

Emily T. (Melbourne, FL) -  Unemployed: Emily was laid off of her job due to budget issues.  She had been job searching for about nine (9) months whenever she started seeing me for counseling.  Through counseling, it was discovered that Emily suffered anxiety and fear of failure that led to avoidance; impacting her ability to interview for jobs.  After receiving help, Emily was able to attend interviews and receive job offers.  

David E. (Columbia, SC) - Lawyer: David had a sudden onset of severe social anxiety due to an issue that occurred in a very public setting at work.  He had difficulty doing the daily tasks of his job and avoided social situations to the point where it was impacting his reputation.  After counseling, David was able to learn skills to manage his anxiety and eventually able to return to social situations.  

Elaine Q (Rock Hill, SC) - Secretary: Elaine was dealing with a serious case of workplace bullying and sexual harassment.  Even though she had reported the issue to HR, it was still not resolved and she even dealt with some retaliation.  Elaine began to blame herself and it led to bouts of depression and anxiety.  She consistently called into work and was reprimanded.  She couldn't leave the position because she had a family to support.  Through Counseling, Elaine was able to learn skills to be appropriately assertive and to take back control of her environment.  

Tracy S. (Macon, GA): - Hospitality:  Tracy went to counseling as the result of feelings of anger and frustration after being turned down for a promotion for a colleague whom she believed was less qualified.  She was able to identify that she lacks assertiveness as the ability to promote herself.  After counseling, Tracy learned how to assert herself in a variety of situations and overcome the issues of anger and frustration, making her more productive at her job.  

Roger A. (Valdosta, GA) - Manager: Roger received counseling due to an increasing lack of motivation to complete his job responsibilities.  He was a recently promoted manager who was having considerable difficulty supervising employees that were once his peers.  This led to depression and Roger was beginning to believe that he was not capable of doing the job.  Through counseling, Roger was able to identify his values, develop the confidence to manage employee push back, and was able to be successful in his new role as a manager.  

Emily Hawkins, LCSW

If you have found your way to this page, odds are that you are experiencing issues in your work like that are impacting your overall quality of life.  You may be going back and forth about what to do, who to talk to, and wondering how you are going to be able to get through this phase in your life.

I have likely been where you are right now. I have been an employee, a supervisor, and a manager and am familiar with all of the stress at these levels.  I can honestly say that I understand what you are going through and I can help.  I have helped a lot of people that felt stuck at work and didn't know where to go.  Like them, I know you can get through this with the right help and guidance.

Delaying getting help will only cause you more pain.   In my experience, the longer the delay, the worse the problem gets.  Unfortunately, problems usually don't solve themselves and if the problems you're having are ongoing, regardless of the help you have gotten from work, family, and friends, they are likely to continue.  Why Let This Impact You Even Longer?  Help Is Here, Get Started Now... I offer a free no-obligation phone consultation so you can ask any questions and we can talk about how my services can help you.


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