Emily Hawkins, LCSW, LISW-CP, BC-TMH

Online Therapy For Busy Professionals Dealing With Anxiety

It Has Been One Of "Those Days."

The anxiety feels like it has taken over: Intrusive thoughts, difficult feelings, worrying about things, that even though you know you can' control, you worry about them anyway.

Maybe it has been difficult for you to fall asleep, leading you to being super tired in the morning and throughout the day.  Constant Coffee is you fuel, but you know, deep down, that is probably making things worse.

The boiling point has passed or maybe you are getting close to it, leading you to search for answers.... Anything to help you feel better.

Let's Get This Under Control

This isn't just Counseling, this is YOUR COUNSELING.

I provide online counseling to help you with anxiety.  I am different from other therapists in that things are completely built around getting this anxiety monster under control.

Your First Step Toward A Life NOT Ruled By Anxiety: Setting Up a FREE 20 minute Phone Consultation (912) 205-2658


Not Your Average Online Therapist

Emily Hawkins, LCSW, LICSW-CP, BC-TMH

What Makes Me Different?

One Size Doesn't Fit All

If you have tried therapy before and it hasn't been as successful as you would have liked, it probably hasn't been individualized enough for you.

Online - VIDEO Therapy from your Phone or Computer or Phone Therapy

My services are 100% online, allowing you to meet with me in your space through secure video chat or on the phone.  Whatever you prefer.

Coping Kits

After the 3rd session, I will put together a coping kit, based on your needs and mail it to you.  We will use these items during session.  Here is an example of one I put together for a client recently.


"I am so glad that I reached out for help.  My world was consumed by anxiety.  Emily helped me to really learn how to get it under control." - Sue S. (Florida)

"I thought that I was going to be in therapy forever.  I had tried therapy before, but it just seemed like we just talked.  Emily was WAY different.  Everything was structured and I always left with some new tool that I could start using that day.  The coping kits are really cool too," - Sam C. (Georgia)

"Emily has really helped me with working through some pretty serious stuff." - Susan S. (Georgia)

"The coping kits are really unique.  Mine was totally made for me.  It really helped to have something tangible to go along with the work that we did in therapy." - Damon T. (Texas)

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