Because **** Happens To Guys Too

and talking about that **** can help

Well, It's More Than Just Talking

The word "therapy" seems to not really apply well to men.  Men are just kind of expected to deal with all of the sh*t thrown at them by work, wives, girlfriends, depression, anxiety, and all of the other things that come up.

Full Disclosure, the person speaking to you right now, is a Woman.  Why am I doing this? Because I see a lot of men that suffer in silence.

Here are some things that I have helped men, just like you, get through:

Heartbroken man at home holding a wedding ring

Divorce and Breakups

So stressed out. Cheerless nervous man covering his eyes while listening to his wife

Chaotic Relationships

Sad father hugging little daughter before leaving for long business trip, upset dad embracing crying girl saying goodbye to daddy at home in hall with baggage, family separation, good bye, farewell



Meet Your Therapist, Emily Hawkins, LCSW


It is frustrating, heartbreaking, and difficult to go through any type of relationship issue. Usually, as a man, you are just expected to kind of deal with it.  

It can be really hard to go through these situations and if you don't have anyone to talk to, it can be even harder.

Sound familiar?

I have worked with men just like you in situations where they felt like the "underdog" simply for just being who they are, a man.

My goal is to help you learn to deal with the anger, frustration, and overall circumstances of what you are going through.  Working with me will help to stop the negative path you are on and change it to one where you feel more in control and where you have better relationships where it doesn't feel like you are always the one that is to blame.

I am not your typical Therapist

Yes, I'm a woman.  Yes, I would even venture to call myself a feminist.  However, I recognize the unfair expectations that are placed on men, husbands, and fathers.

I individualize interventions to completely meet your needs.  I work with you to navigate situations in a clearer and more effective way.

My services are 100% online or on the phone.  Information is kept confidential and all the technology I use is HIPPA Secure

Case Study #1: Rodney, 43, Georgia – Restaurant Owner

I was able to help Rodney learn how to manage anger and frustrated that resulted from interactions with his wife.  It seemed like almost every conversation between Rodney and his wife, Lisa, turned into an argument that would last for hours.  Through skills learned in therapy, Rodney learned how to manage anger which helped him to relate better to his wife.  Whenever his anger was controlled, Rodney and his wife had better conversations and found that they could work out things a lot more effectively.

Case Study #2: Chris, South Carolina - Teacher

Chris saw me at the recommendation of his attorney.  I worked with Chris to resolve feelings of guilt related to the failure of his marriage and the limited time that he gets to spend with his children. His divorce with his ex-wife, Dana, was contemptuous; with interactions between them often leading to fights.  I helped Chris to learn skills to not allow Dana or anyone else trigger him to have emotional responses.  He learned that allowing his emotions to drive his behavior took the focus off of many important key issues.  The intervention was so successful, but whenever Chris utilized the skills in a confrontation with Dana, she was actually the one that became irate because he was able to control his responses to her and not “go off.”

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