Relationship Counseling

Couples. Workplace, and Families

Humans are relational creatures. We are genetically programmed to seek out connection with other humans. Relationships impact every aspect of our lives including work, home, school, and recreation. We often rely on our relationships to provide us with comfort and support and we are experiencing distress. Unfortunately relationships themselves can sometimes be the source of great stress and suffering. Counseling can help work through the difficulties that we encounter in our relationships. It is important that help is received as soon as possible in relationships that are experiencing challenges. The longer help is delayed, the more likely the relationship is to deteriorate. Don't allow your relationship to get worse. Get started getting help today.

Couples Therapy

Pre-Marital Counseling, Marital Counseling, LGBTQ Relationships, Co-Parenting Relationships, Decision to Stay/Go

Family Therapy

Therapy for New Families, Adoptive Families, Kinship Care, Blended Families, Nontraditional Families,  & Special Needs Parents

Workplace and Leadership Counseling

Therapy for W-Related Stress and Anxiety, Dealing with Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harassment, New Supervisors, and Motivation

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