Tools for a Better Life: Values

I use a therapy modality called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or ACT for short. ACT views that problems arise from not living in alignment with one’s values. Living out of alignment can cause anxiety, depression, stress, and physical problems. Part of ACT is working to identify values. Although there is much more that goes into what goes on in psychotherapy using ACT, I thought I would share a Values Questionnaire. Are you living in alignment with your values? Is life going the way that you truly want it to?

Attached is a tool I use with clients to get started. It asks that you basically pretend that you are living in the future and that you are reflecting on your life. This simple exercise can help you identify what really matters. Click the “Download” Button to see the activity.

Also, as always, if this exercise is a “wake up call” for you that you aren’t living in alignment with your values, counseling can help. Click the button below to start. I hope you enjoy the activity.

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