BoyMom: Chaos Causes Character

“Having boys is easier (in the long run) than having girls.”

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that.

First of all, as a woman, I think it is kind of degrading. The implication is that girls have more “drama” and they are higher maintenance. I haven’t seen any statistics on that and I have three boys, and I am telling you, there is PLENTY of drama.

This week… Alone, included the following:

⁃ Baseball Tournament (Placed 2nd)

⁃ Trip back from Charleston

⁃ Baseball Practice

⁃ Baseball practice again

⁃ Bullying incident (mine was the victim) accompanied by an email message to the school.

⁃ Two (2) lockdowns

⁃ Meltdown over not having enough time to do boy scouts

⁃ Forgetting a spoon for lunch yogurt

⁃ Disciplinary referral from after school program

⁃ Call from teacher about hands on others

⁃ Toddler meltdowns over bandaids

⁃ Lost shoes

⁃ Lost baseball pants

⁃ Sore throat

⁃ Coughing

⁃ Crying

⁃ Video game detox

⁃ Tic Tac Toe on my freaking couch

⁃ Meltdown over pineapple on pizza

⁃ 2 straight hours of screaming

⁃ Missed Morning Busses

⁃ Broken picture frames

⁃ “Nugget” tragedies (getting hit in the groin)

⁃ Clogged toilets

⁃ Bathrooms that need to be marked off as “hazardous” because of the stank

That is just to name a few.

I am the only girl in the house. I will always be the only girl in the house… Well, maybe not if we get a dog… Which is tempting until I realize I will likely have to clean another creature’s pee off of my floor at some point.

Mentally, I am a little spent.

I have been blessed with an education and the training on how to deal with all of this. Should I be able to deal with this **** perfectly?

Hell no! I slip.

Why am I telling you this? Because, if you’re a Mom struggling with the same Or similar issues… Even a Mom Of girls, you are not alone. We all do and it will get better.

What’s the secret? Well, having a good therapist (I have a really great one) and also knowing that this last week doesn’t define me as a Mom. It doesn’t define me as a wife. It doesn’t define me as a therapist.

Tomorrow, I will wake up, go to my son’s soccer game and cheer for him like nothing else matters.

Tomorrow, I will wake up with a clean slate and if I feel anxious I will allow that feeling to be there, recognize it, but move forward to doing things that are meaningful.

Sometimes, Chaos builds a little character…. And maybe some memories.

If you’re ever needing help because you don’t feel like you can deal with everything day to day. If things continue to get hopeless and you’ve tried things to make them better but haven’t worked… It may be time to get professional hemp.

Feel free to reach out to me for support.

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